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Notiphy’s “Do More” Business Process Review (BPR)

We recognize many manufacturers need to undertake some form of business process review to optimize what they are doing today and how Covid-19 will impact their workforce, supply chain and more.  Some need to incorporate social distancing and more contactless processes. Having good protocols in place and knowing how to execute on them is essential. Notiphy can help. 

What is the Purpose of a BPR?

  • Understand future-state requirements

  • Provide the foundation to migrate and optimize processes to further the success of the business

  • Build quality and flexibility into processes

  • Develop and maintain documentation on business processes

  • Facilitate continuous improvement of processes and practices

  • Align people, process, and technology

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The BPR will begin to answer questions such as:

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Does your business processes support customers and staff most effectively?

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What degree of process optimization & training resources are required to bring your company to the next level?

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How can your business improve and streamline implementations of software platforms like Notiphy or an ERP system?

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How will you amend the on-boarding process to ensure adoption from new employees?

Let Notiphy help you do more.

To help you “do more”, Notiphy is offering our 2-hour BPR. This is an opportunity to begin to develop, amend and maintain documentation on business processes which will allow you to achieve continuous improvement.  


plus 30-Day No Cost Proof of Concept Offer to use Notiphy

2 workstations with equipment and beacons at cost

Implementation and training (complete)

Upload of all company and user information, processes, content, input details and job information

On-going support

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