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Notiphy is feature-rich, SaaS-based work execution software, accessible on any device, and replaces paper by digitizing jobs and processes.

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Improve labor and operational efficiency up to 15%

Track finished goods and WIP including trackers for weights, clones, trimming, and more


Easily track, validate, and optimize workforce processes to uphold GMP and other compliance standards

Scale and grow using once unavailable data to make data-driven decisions

Improve margins and profitability


Experience Notiphy's Benefits for Cannabis



  • Establish amendable jobs and processes


  • Simplify or eliminate unnecessary procedures


  • Reduce the use of paper and spreadsheets


  • Schedule jobs/processes/tasks by user/team or equipment/workstation


  • Provide access to manuals, pictures, and videos

  • Message or alert others without leaving the work area

  • Automate and track training to ensure a safer workplace and compliance with GMP and other standards

  • Report workers' what, where, when, who, and how long to track and validate SOPs are being completed properly

  • Upload manuals, pictures, and videos to ensure best practices

  • Provide real-time data and reports for surprise audits

  • Validate work execution for all processes, maintenance, sanitation, and more

  • Real-time reports to allow data-driven decisions

  • Track finished goods and WIP through live dashboards

  • Maximize production and flag issues to reduce errors and waste

  • Improve labor efficiency, productivity, and quality

  • Reduce turnover

  • Easily integrate with ERPs and complementary tools

  • Improve margins and profitability



Go Even Greener

How can Notiphy Help you Eliminate Waste?

Our Automated System Saves Paper

No more paper training guides, ordering heavy boxes of paper, printing out multiple reports or spreadsheets for your team to view.


Eliminate Time

Avoid spending time creating and looking through spreadsheets, and paper-based SOPS. Stop making copies of SOPS, training materials, and reports.



Save money on labor, paper, and other supplies with Notiphy.

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To schedule a demo, please email or call 773-800-0966

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