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Cannaphy, powered by Notiphy, is the powerful SaaS-based digital job standard operating procedure (SOP), and collaboration software designed for cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution operations to organize, automate and accelerate your team

Streamline Processes

Improve Performance

Collect Data

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Streamline processes, improve employee performance and collect valuable data by replacing paper job orders, checklists, and SOPs.

Support multi-station workflows, multiple SOP templates, and integration with ERPs, inventory systems, and seed to sale software so operations can grow profitably and in compliance.

Improves training and collaboration among team members and allow SOPs to be executed inside the software so GMP, compliance, safety and maintenance requirements are automatically documented, and quality is improved, and production waste is reduced.

Frontline workers learn faster, and are more accountable, productive, efficient, and safer with quantifiable results.


Experience Cannaphy’s Benefits


Easier to use and digital execution is much simpler than using stacks of written versions, binders full of paper, and having to manually input into additional software.


Export comprehensive reports on jobs, tasks or SOPs by teams or individual workers in a few clicks, providing revolutionary insight for data-driven decision making and compliance.


Create dynamic SOPs with content, pictures, and videos to support your specific operation and compliance requirements. SOP templates available to get you up and running quickly.


Digital SOPs are securely stored and can’t be removed like paper can. Company information and knowledge is real-time, preserved and protected.


APIs enable flexible integration into your ERP, seed to sale software, accounting systems, or any other system of record.


Set up notifications for insight into real-time progress. Real-time collaboration and messaging allows communications to specific workers or groups without disruption or leaving your work area. 

3 Reasons You Should Use   

                to Replace or Accelerate Other Systems

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Paper requires manual data entry, and binds you to a physical location and process. Paper also doesn't integrate with other systems, which can lead to unplanned downtimes, mistakes & delays.

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Mitigates Risk of Compliance

Work records need signatures for proof of completion. You can do this digitally inside of Notiphy. Stacks of paper or files don't allow you to get information quickly.

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Data stored on spreadsheets is invisible across the company, and can't be mined to help make data-driven decisions. This increases risk and prohibits the ability to make improvements.

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To schedule a demo, please email or call 773-800-0966