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How 28 Mile automated the distillation to delight of their management and customers.


28 Mile Distilling is a go-to destination for fine spirits and live music. At 28 Mile’s high-end metropolitan cocktail lounge, visitors can watch spirits being distilled on the production floor. What they couldn’t see was the paper processes that were impacting 28 Mile’s ability to maximize their labor efficiency and scale production more effectively.

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Notiphy worked with 28 Mile to convert all of the paper standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to batch processing, operations, safety, and facilities into digital formats. Each 28 Mile employee uses a mobile device to adhere to best practices and complete their tasks. 28 Mile production managers can now trace each and every piece of data related to employees’ productivity and the efficiency of the production process, insights that will only be improved when Notiphy integrates with 28 Mile’s ERP in the near future.


With these process improvements and data insights, 28 Mile is tracking toward labor productivity and efficiency increase of roughly 10%; more distilling will get done with fewer employees, boosting 28 Mile’s profitability significantly.

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