Communication Tower


How A Global Electrical, Communications, Utility Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions Company Used Notiphy to Digitize and Automate Workflows


One of the divisions of the company is currently coordinating global multi-location fabrication, assembly, kitting, and integration projects using paper processes and job travelers. The challenge was communication and production challenges having to coordinate inventory and sharing kitting and fabrication project requirements with staff in multiple locations using paper processes.


The company deployed Notiphy to automate and digitize their workflow. They were able to implement all of their processes and necessary inputs in a more productive manner. Additionally, they provided workers backup information in the form of pictures, content, and schematics.  From the factory floor to onsite services, Notiphy enabled them to monitor, manage, and improve the communication between locations streamlining the kitting process.


By improving their automation processes, Notiphy enabled the company to reduce lead times and eliminate complexity in the kitting and light assembly process. The company is experiencing three primary results using Notiphy.

Cost Reduction. Notiphy reduced costs by improving the communication between facilities, providing access to real time data, and reducing delays. The company was able to reduce the cost of operations by streamlining processes to reduce labor and increase speed to market. They were able to reallocate their labor force towards their core competency. 

Enable Faster Onboarding and Training. Workers, current and new, are able to be onboarded and trained faster by providing them with step by step instructions for tasks including documents, videos, and other content. Notiphy helps to ensure the company that tasks are consistently completed to the highest standard. 

Track, Measure, and Manage Performance. With detailed analytics and dashboard the company had much better visibility into the performance of their workers and their teams as a whole. They could automate communications between teams and third party resources so everyone has real time access to the information they need.