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How a global distribution company reduced costs and increased productivity.


A major global distribution and supply chain company used paper processes and job travelers to coordinate global, multi-location fabrication, assembly, knitting, and integration projects. These paper trails didn’t allow for efficient communication, and staff in multiple locations struggled to share knitting and fabrication project requirements.

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Notiphy was deployed to automate and digitize their workflow, allowing workers across multiple locations to collaborate within the same workflow through Notiphy’s cloud-based platform. Workers benefited from backup information (pictures, written content, and schematics) to ensure standardized processes. Ultimately, these automations lead to shorter lead times and reduced complexity in their knitting and assembly workflows. These improvements have enabled faster onboarding and training. Managers also now have the ability to track, measure, and manage performance.


Overall, the company reduced the cost of operations by reducing labor and increasing speed to market.

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