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How Novation increased efficiency by converting complex paper-based processes into a streamlined digital format.


Novation Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality custom injection molded components. The company prioritizes flexibility and adaptability and encourages innovation in product development practices to continually employ the latest design solutions and technologies. Novation wanted to extend the same spirit of innovation to its production process, and replace multi-page paper job travelers, process lists, and quality forms with Notiphy.



Notiphy worked with Novation to convert their paper job travelers, processes, and forms to digital formats. Employees move through task lists with Notiphy, accessing mobile devices placed at their workstations. This digitized process has removed the need for unsecure, error-prone paper forms. It has also improved traceability and data retention, delivering immediate insights into worker behavior and time spent on each step of the production process. Notiphy will soon be working with Novation to integrate with their ERP and pull jobs directly into Notiphy to further improve workflows.


Currently, Notiphy has been able to boost employee performance by saving over 900 hours of inefficient time and improving labor and operational efficiency by more than 15% leading to better margins and profitability. 

"Notiphy has empowered Novation with the tools to better monitor and manage their employee performance into a more efficient and profitable team."

Lee Shawback, Director of Manufacturing

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