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How SMI Used Notiphy to Create a Safe Work Environment


SMI is a leading manufacturer of filtration, silencing, and separation products: compressors, turbines, vacuum pumps, reciprocating engines, and more. The company is committed to safeguarding their employees while promoting a spirit of productivity and continuous innovation. SMI was struggling to find a digital training solution to standardize safety procedures and efficient assembly practices for its diverse workforce.



SMI activated Notiphy for a six-week trial. During this pilot, Notiphy created workstations to deliver digital content that could enable on-the-spot training multimedia information for SMI employees. Workers were able to upload both English and Spanish paper-based processes into Notiphy’s digital task lists, from pre-work safety to work and post-work tasks like lock out/tag out.


SMI’s workers were immediately more accountable for their safety and productivity and were able to complete processes much more efficiently. Plus, SMI accumulated data on the behavior of each individual employee and each job traveler, allowing the company to continue innovating new best practices and process improvements for safer and more efficient manufacturing. SMI is deploying a new ERP and Notiphy will deploy its solution fully and integrate with their new ERP.

"SMI is deploying Notiphy’s Job Traveler application, allowing the company to replace their paper job travelers with a digital solution. This way, there is less contact with paper and less of a chance of losing the documentation."

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