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Our Features

Job Orders
Integrate workstations into one job, project, or order. Data capture and eliminate paper for
maximum traceability.
Task Confirmation
Distribute digital task lists so workers can record progress, notes, and job completion.
Standard Operating Procedures
Create digital SOPs with pictures and videos to ensure workers are completing their tasks and
capturing data for compliance and to ensure work completion.
Notiphy can provide a library of
SOP templates on request.
Real-time message and one-click alert workers or groups without leaving the work area.
Automated alerts set-up based on activity or inactivity.
Open APIs to integrate with ERPs, manufacturing execution and farming software, seed-to-sale,
IoT devices and more.
Automated Alerts
Set up “notiphications” based on activity or inactivity rules for maximum insight into real-time progress.
Data Dashboards and Reports
Export comprehensive reports and review dashboards in a few clicks, to get unknown
operational visibility. Reports can be customized for worker and team rankings of workers and
teams, review and uploading directly into METRC and other software, and more!
White Glove Support and Training
Aggregate all data into one place by integrating with a number of complementary tools, from scheduling systems to ERPs, business intelligence software, Quickbooks, IoT devices, and more.
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