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Why Notiphy™?

Notiphy improves worker efficiency and increases safety, quality and productivity, while providing managers with greater visibility into employee workstreams. Get the data you need to make intelligent decisions and improve margins and profitability.

How It Works

Automated paperless processes and communication increases efficiency on the manufacturing floor and provides a streamlined workflow for simple review and accountability. Create a Smart Workplace with a flexible software option customized for your business.

Increase your bottom line today.


Our Technology

Notiphy is an integrated performance-enhancing platform that deploys lean manufacturing principles through real-time, digital, on-the-spot content and workflow management.


Easily communicate, share information (including pictures and videos) and request assistance with the Notiphy WorkTime Communication portal.


“Notiphy” employees of important information, special events or situations on the plant floor. 

Task List

Inspect, track and evaluate readiness with customized, ready-made digital task lists to review safety and work processes and track job completion.


Use Notiphy Bluetooth beacons to detect and identify workers entering or exiting their workstations. 


Create reports on full jobs, workstations and individual people. Predictive analytics through data collection and behavioral learning of workers.


Pause work for an emergency, maintenance, assistance or a break, alerting supervisors with the touch of a button.

Digital Job Traveler

Integrate workstations into one job, project or order.  Digitize and replace paper job travelers and easily look up information and create reports. Processes move from workstation to workstation as work is completed.



Labor constraints


Downtime and wasted time


Training and retraining time and cost to hire


Work-related injuries


Employee retention and ability to hire new employees


Productivity, product quality and profitability


Employee visibility and accountability


Safety and reliability


“Notiphy is spot on with what manufacturing companies and workers on the shop floor need.  There is an absolute need for increased accountability, collaboration, and teaming.“

Bonita Richter

President, Pro-Strategies

What They're Saying

Bob Wise



Bob has more than 20 years of executive leadership and M&A experience as a President and Executive of cloud-based and SaaS companies or divisions for InterCall, West Corporation (NASDAQ: WSTC) and His experience running management of sales, marketing, product and operations for data-driven companies led him to found Notiphy. Recognizing the need to meet the growing demand for digital process management, content and specialized high-tech communications platforms across different industries, he compiled years of hands-on market research to create the flexible, simple-to-use software for manufacturers.

Doug Gisby

Chief Technology Officer


An innovative leader in design and development of high technology products, Doug is skilled in improving processes and procedures that drive revenue, efficiency, and market share. His diverse background includes: Engineering, UX, Product Management, Software Development, Technical Support, Cloud Operations, and Quality Assurance functions. Prior to his role at Notiphy, Doug led teams and product development for such technology companies as Monet Software and served as the Director of Engineering and Director of Software for Blackberry.

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Aras Pillai

VP Engineering


Aras brings over 35 years of experience in Information Technology and as a CEO and COO. He comes to Notiphy with a strong background and subject matter expertise in customer experience, manufacturing, process industries, B2B technology, and IT consulting. Aras is the CEO and Founder for SBNA Software Solutions in Chennai, India. He and his team have been working with Notiphy since its inception.

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Brice Saul

Director of Customer Success


Brice is responsible for driving the overall customer experience and ensuring the Notiphy mission of delivering a seamless implementation. With years of experience in Supply Chain Management, working for companies like Coyote Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, and Command Transportation, Brice is adept at developing and executing business strategies that revolve around sales, marketing, and partner relationships.

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