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Goodbye chaos, hello control.

Ditch boards, spreadsheets, and paper to optimize your labor and operations.

Notiphy is cloud-based work execution and intelligence software that tells you what your people did, where and when they did it, what data they collected, and how long each task took. We make your people better and provide you with the intelligence you need to improve profitability.

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Check out our solution for Cannabis manufacturers, cultivators, and distributors.

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Automate & Expand

Enjoy Operations Again

Increase Profit

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Stop wasting time.

Stop wasting money.

Start using Notiphy.

Lack of insight into people, jobs, and processes causes companies to lose 20-30% of their time and profitability.

Notiphy’s cloud-based work execution software will:


  • Eliminate hundreds to thousands of wasted and unproductive employee hours

  • Improve your labor and operational efficiency by up to 15%


  • Produce an ROI of at least 3x Notiphy’s cost every year


  • Give you access to data you need, but didn’t previously have

About Notiphy

Say goodbye to stacks of paper.

Paper trails, task lists, and reports have no business in the 21st century. With Notiphy, anyone from the C-suite to frontline workers can access all of the information they need within a centralized digital platform available on any device. All data is captured with full traceability, and workers are happier, safer, and more productive.

Everything you need at the tip of your finger!

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Job Orders
Integrate workstations into one job, project, or order. Capture data and time by eliminating paper for maximum traceability.
Task Confirmation
Distribute digital task lists so workers can record progress, notes, and job completion. All work is timed and detailed for management review.
Standard Operating Procedures
Create digital SOPs with pictures and videos to ensure workers are completing their tasks timely and capturing data for compliance. Notiphy can provide a library of SOP templates on request. 
White Glove Support and Training
Notiphy provides easy and quick deployment and a turn-key solution with all of the necessary data needed to begin working on day one. Personal training for all users is included and training documentation and videos are easily available.
Real-Time Messages
Broadcast key messages to specific workers or groups without stepping away from the computer. Workers can also alert management if they need assistance or are taking a break.
Real-Time Scheduling
Easily schedule jobs, tasks, and SOPs on specific dates, monthly, weekly, daily, or however you choose.
Export comprehensive reports on processes and individual workers in a few clicks, providing revolutionary insight for data-driven decision making.
Open APIs to integrate with a number of complementary tools including ERPs, manufacturing execution and farming software, seed-to-sale, business intelligence software,
IoT devices and more.

Guiding Managers to

Happiness Across Industries

Help manufacturers, cultivators, processors, and distributors ensure compliance of all standards, state laws, and regulations while reducing mistakes, improving and protecting their yield, and scaling.
Digitize job travelers to give people the tools they need to create safe, efficient processes. Plus, ensure compliance with maximum digital traceability.
Warehouses and Distribution
Reduce mistakes, create time measurement standards, and accelerate labor efficiency in warehouse and distribution without adding headcount.
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Fans of Notiphy Agree

“Notiphy is spot on with what manufacturing companies and workers on the shop floor need.  There is an absolute need for increased accountability, collaboration, and teaming.“

Bonita Richter

President, Pro-Strategies


Avoid the chaos of

outdated procedures.

- Don't miss opportunities because you're spending too much time managing.

- Don't allow the clutter of operations to turn work into a daily drudge.

- Avoid accidents and downtime associated with incorrect procedures.

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