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Real-time Data to Improve Your Bottom Line. Do More with Our SaaS-based Solution.

“From the shop floor to the top floor, real-time data is the most powerful catalyst for enabling manufacturing growth. Notiphy’s technology is key to collecting, accessing and sharing this data to improve the quality of decisions that fuel business growth and enhance profitability.”

Steven Boeder

Director, Erdman Center OTM, Wisconsin School of Business

Seen how Parsable works? Now learn about Notiphy

Notiphy automates paperless processes and job travelers and connects employees to increase efficiency on the manufacturing floor. Maximize resources with digital tools to DO MORE.  Create Smart and Safe Workstations with a flexible SaaS-based platform for your business. New employees can do more and current employees can take on more responsibilities. Increase your bottom line today. 

Why Notiphy® instead of Parsable for improving standard operating procedures?

Combine greater safety, productivity and profitability. Notiphy fits your budget and is very easy to get started and use - and can be implemented in just days. Notiphy improves worker efficiency and increases productivity, quality and safety, while providing managers with greater communication tools, alerts and visibility into their people and operations.  Get the data you need, in ways paper can’t, to make intelligent decisions, contain and reduce costs and improve margins and profitability.

More Workforce Safety & Accountability

Using digital processes, information, accountability and by connecting workers, we help reduce accidents, maintain social distancing, and create a more contactless environment. 

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More Productivity and Profitability

Digitizing and eliminating paper-based processes and job travelers allows employees to do more and be better. New employees get started faster and current employees will do more. Reduced production time is proven to improve profitability.

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More Data to Operate Your Business

Collecting data in ways paper can’t will help you improve business results and better project outcomes. Having this accurate data, management will know where there are opportunities to reduce costs or make improvements.

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Go Digital and Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line 

Our Technology

Notiphy is a SaaS-based platform, which can easily be accessed from a computer, mobile phone or tablet positioned in the work area. The software is effective in helping management and workers during our changing environment. Workers can better maintain social distancing by not having to leave their workstations to seek assistance and the workspace becomes more contactless as you can greatly reduce the touching of common paper and job jackets.


Digital Job Traveler

Integrate workstations into one job, project or order.  Digitize and replace paper job travelers.


Digital Task List

Paperless task lists and processes, including pictures and videos, to review safety and work processes, input information and track job completion.


Real-Time Messages

Real-time notices can be sent to specific workers, workstations or groups.


Notiphications (Alerts)

Management can set “notiphications” (alerts) that can be sent based on any activity or inactivity. Workers can alert management if they have an emergency, need assistance or are taking a break.



Create reports on full jobs, workstations and individual people. Accumulate data digitally in ways paper can’t.



Pause work for an emergency, maintenance, assistance or just a break alerting supervisors with the touch of a button.





Paper Processes & Job Travelers


Downtime and wasted time


Employee illness and injuries  




Intelligent, data-driven decisions


Worker collaboration and productivity


Workplace safety 


“Notiphy is spot on with what manufacturing companies and workers on the shop floor need.  There is an absolute need for increased accountability, collaboration, and teaming.“

Bonita Richter

President, Pro-Strategies

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