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Effective Labor Management in Cannabis

Are you one of the majority of cannabis businesses fighting an uphill battle forced to use expensive, time consuming software in order to replace the paper and spreadsheets you’re currently using? Are you finding them useful? Do you wish perhaps you had a software that helped you with your largest expense, labor? Enter, Notiphy.

Notiphy makes labor accountable, efficient, productive, and safer, all while generating operational data that management teams never previously had. What does this mean for you? Overall financial savings.

We all know that labor is the lifeblood of cannabis and manufacturing organizations. In fact, in typical cannabis and other manufacturing operations, workforces can account for up to 70% of total business costs. Add the harsh federal tax rules in cannabis, which significantly diminish profits, causing the control of labor to be the largest tax-deductible line-item expense. These days, a tight labor market has made hiring difficult and increased mistakes, waste, and compliance risk. Any lapses in compliance will impact safety, resulting in fines in most industries, but can shut down full operations in the cannabis space.

Notiphy allows you to see what, where, when and how long your people are completing their work and SOPs, it gives you operational insights to easily track, validate, and optimize GMP and other compliance standards. With improved operational oversight, you can now scale and grow using data to drive decisions that improve efficiency and profitability. This allows you to make decisions that will reduce costs and improve margins. Sounds great, right? Having the necessary data about your labor will allow you to reduce hours, errors, wasted time, and hiring and training costs.

Using Notiphy allows you to quickly review operations, always know what stage in the processes workers are at, and most importantly, ensure your staff complete their tasks to remain compliant. You're also able to generate customized reports in compatible forms for state compliance systems, once again saving you time and money from manually having to create and edit the spreadsheets, which is certainly a time saver for all of us.

The end goal of every business is to make sales and run a profitable operation, and we know today, it’s tougher than ever. If you're relying on pen and paper to understand the impacts of the largest costs in your business, you won’t have that data centralized. With labor as your largest cost, you need to understand who is effective, which teams are more productive than others, which areas can use the most improvement and what your true cost of cultivating, harvesting, or manufacturing your product is.

We’re watching as the global cannabis market grows significantly, and over the next five years it’s estimated to reach over $60 billion in sales. Notiphy is here to help cannabis operators utilize data they need regarding labor, their most important and expensive line item so they can best profit as the market continues to expand.

Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you streamline your operation and improve your bottom line.

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