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How Going Digital Can Help With COVID-19 and Beyond

You may be tired of hearing this, but the world is going digital. We have been hearing this and preparing for this well before COVID-19. However, in these unprecedented times, the world is REALLY going digital now.

Notiphy recognizes this and we want to help. Being on the shop floor already comes with safety concerns. There’s machinery, heavy equipment, and a lot of moving pieces, but you already knew that. COVID-19 included itself with no invitation. It has now placed itself as another thing to worry about and should be top of mind for every employer.

With a virus that thrives on close proximity, using Notiphy to reduce contact at your shop is the easy answer.

It is important to know that Notiphy isn’t just here to help you manage the virus. We are here to improve your bottom line and employee safety is just another piece of that puzzle.

With our easy to use SaaS-based platform, managers can begin increasing productivity and profitability within days. Workers will become more efficient from having their jobs, task lists, and the ability to collaborate all in one place.

Don’t remember a specific safety process? You can review it on the platform.

Need to get in touch with a coworker? You can message them on the platform.

Need to alert a group of people or simply need assistance? You can send a “notiphication” on the platform.

Managers will not only be provided greater visibility into their operations but will gain access to data allowing them to make more intelligent business decisions.

So, what do you say? Is it time to go digital?

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