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Notiphy’s Key Features for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies have so many additional details to track than just your usual financial and operational reports. You must comply with strict product tracking, labeling, and testing regulations. While we know all this reporting is essential to ensure public safety, it is also very time-consuming and complex. Most systems are focused on the plants instead of the team that maintains them. Because those systems focus less on the people and their needs, cannabis business owners are often left to your own devices which almost always leads to settling for excel spreadsheets or even pen and paper.

Notiphy allows the entire team access to review operations from just the click of a finger, and they can always know where other team members are in the completion process of their tasks to ensure completion and remain compliant. Our software improves collaboration and communication between all facets of the operation. This allows for easy flow of data and information between teams, especially when certain groups may not have the same access to certain facilities, for example. Notiphy also makes it simple to generate customizable reports in acceptable forms for state compliance systems, which saves you time and money from having to manually create and edit all these spreadsheets.

Another great benefit of Notiphy is that the software can help take your business and your team to the next level by tracking your operation with ease. Our solution provides you with the tools you need to understand certain problems, where time is being wasted and improve efficiency opportunities. Because seed-to-sale compliance is so essential in many states, businesses need to invest in software that can help streamline the process and help you move from those outdated methods of tracking the most critical aspects of your cannabis operation.

That’s Notiphy’s primary focus, bring those assets online to avoid relying on paper-based tracking methods.

Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you streamline your operation and improve your bottom line.

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