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NSCA Members Team to Improve Productivity and Drive New Revenues

SaaS provider Notiphy Corporation partners with tax service provider alliantgroup to improve product access and benefits for NSCA members


Notiphy Corporation, a digital transformation SaaS provider for manufacturing, fabrication, distribution, and safety announced today they have joined forces with alliantgroup to offer NSCA members new services to boost profits and productivity. Notiphy’s software replaces paper processes, improves employee efficiency and productivity while providing management with actionable data to make more informed decisions.

Notiphy’s SaaS solution may qualify for substantial state and Federal tax credits. Notiphy will work with alliantgroup Group to identify those opportunities with NSCA manufacturers and integrator members. As the leading national specialty tax service provider, since 2001, alliantgroup has helped more than 16,000 businesses claim more than $8 billion in tax credits and incentives. alliantgroup ensures clients receive the full benefit of available federal and state government-sponsored tax credits and incentives, such as the Research and Development Tax Credit and the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D).

“It’s nice to see the NSCA community come together to improve and enhance services for its members,” says NSCA Director of Business Resources Mike Abernathy. “As a Business Accelerator, alliantgroup has helped over a 120 NSCA members find additional tax credits that can be reinvested into their company. Notiphy is another tool for integrators to find additional tax credits that they can also leverage as a value-add to their clients. Our goal here at NSCA is to tackles key business issues with integrator members and help them better serve their clients.“

The Notiphy-alliantgroup team will help NSCA members determine if a tax credit is applicable and implement the solution, seamlessly, on behalf of the member company. Customers who qualify for these tax credits are seeing their initial investments partially or, in some cases, completely covered.

Notiphy CEO Bob Wise states,

“We are excited to work with alliantgroup to help NSCA manufacturers, fabricators, and integrators develop new revenue streams and cost savings by improving workflow process, efficiency and safety. The NSCA has been a great partner to Notiphy and we look forward to helping its members take full advantage of the government tax credits they deserve.”



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