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Part One: Labor and Skills Series: Fewer Recruits in the Pipeline and a Major Skills Gap

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In PART 1 of our series on Labor and Skills, we tackle the labor shortage problem head on.

According to a recent Deloitte survey of U.S. Manufacturers, companies reported that it is 36% harder to find talent today than in 2018 — even though the unemployment rate is much higher today. The survey also showed that more than three-quarters of manufacturing executives (77%) said they expect to have trouble attracting and retaining workers this year and beyond.

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and top economist said, “It’s going to take 8-10 years for today's young labor force to achieve the skill set and experience to close the gap manufacturers are experiencing in the current workforce. This problem is compounded by the daily challenge of finding and recruiting new, skilled workers for existing and future job openings. With veteran workers retiring at an increasing rate, companies can no longer afford to wait to improve their systems, take the pressure off labor, have the data they need to be more productive and achieve a better cost per job. The time is now, or they risk falling further behind. Notiphy has an easy to use and adaptable software platform which guarantees a low impact to existing operations that will help companies DO MORE with LESS."

With quick time-to-value (60 days vs several months), Notiphy can immediately impact your bottom line while cutting down onboarding and training times and capturing veteran knowledge.

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