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Part Three: Labor and Skills Series: Doing More with Less

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We’ve been talking about how we help our customers DO MORE WITH LESS as more and more businesses are finding it difficult to hire and train for open positions – especially at a time when manufacturing production is at a 37 year high.

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We understand what you are facing on your shop floors. Though “digital transformation” is a great buzz phrase, you’re still dealing with paper job orders, travelers, and are still posting standard operating procedures on paper or various boards. Some Workflow Execution, Business Process Management, ERPs, and other software can digitize forms and allow your workers to go through and execute the processes. But many of these systems are very rigid, not updated, and come with expensive add-on modules. Additionally, these systems have been designed from the technology perspective, not the customer perspective – your perspective.

Think about how much efficiency can be gained if you could put “Humans-in-the-Loop” by inserting people into the processes and automating the ENTIRE operation. Human interaction can give your current and future forms logic, intellect, the years of experience from your veteran workers – and would increase worker acceptance and usage. A step-by-step digital guide would prompt workers from going to the next task until required data is input into the system. Work is done efficiently, costly mistakes are reduced, and management would have the data it needs to not only better understand the cost of tasks, jobs, and people, but make better business decisions.

Notiphy, provides alerts when workers have a job or task that has been inserted into the process. This minimizes the need for multiple supervisor interactions on the floor. Management is alerted when people need assistance or new data/intelligence is available. And Notiphy integrates easily with other systems, giving you the flexibility and adaptability needed to push and pull data back and forth to suit your specific business and process management objectives.

In today’s business environment, we are all tasked with “doing more with less”. More safety, less stress. More productivity, less downtime. More employee confidence and engagement, less turn-over. More management, less micromanagement.

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