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Part Two: Labor and Skills Series: What Can You Do Today?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Based on reports from a recent Deloitte survey we discussed in Part 1 of our Blog Series on Labor and Skills, there is a labor shortage problem and it’s hitting the manufacturing industry just as hard as hospitality.

According to the same study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, as many as 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled through 2030. The report warns us that this could cost the US Economy up to $1 Trillion dollars over the same period.

Carolyn Lee, Executive Director of The Manufacturing Institute states, “We have a perception problem. People don’t know the jobs are here or that these are jobs they want.”

Moreover, this crisis is occurring at a time when US manufacturing activity recently surged to a 37-year high (March 2021). The business is there. Are you prepared?

What Can You Do Today? With companies struggling to find workers for entry-level roles, Notiphy can help your frontline workers be more productive faster by providing them with content, pictures, and videos related to the jobs and tasks they need to perform. You will be able to onboard new talent faster all while maintaining production efficiency. Additionally, all of the information related to the jobs is automatically saved and available to workers and management. There is no need for additional staff to file papers or transmit the information from paper to software. Finally, with Notiphy’s alerts and messaging capabilities, workers can easily get the assistance they need, freeing up supervisors and plant managers from always having to be personally available.

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