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Putting Knowledge Into People's Hands and Out of Their Heads

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We have discussed retaining the knowledge of people who retire being an enormous challenge for businesses.

However, in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, even more knowledge needs to be retained with employees being out sick. This results in bringing in a lot of temps or perhaps moving people around to assignments they may be less familiar with. These temps and reassignments may only be in place for days or weeks, making training an ineffective use of your time and resources.

If a company can keep content, such as, pictures, videos, and other information in the Notiphy system and get it out of people’s heads, this creates a knowledge base inside the company and limits the amount you need to rely on people to share much needed information – streamlining onboarding and connecting intelligence straight to the workers in a digital format.

Notiphy helps by giving people the information at their disposal as they are doing the actual work. In addition, work can be assigned to other people. For example, sticking with COVID-19, if a task is assigned to someone who is out sick, you can go into Notiphy and transfer that work automatically. People can move from one area to another and simply transfer work and instructions to wherever it is needed. On top of this, temporary and full-time workers have the ability to easily collaborate with each other and alert others when they need assistance.

Retaining knowledge and creating a knowledge base is crucial for any company to stay intelligent about their operations and processes. Now, more than ever, it is important to have a system that puts information into the hands of your people so they can remain productive on the job.

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