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The World and Its Workplaces Keep Heading Towards Tech, and That's Not Such a Bad Thing

Modern technology, as we all knew it would, has permeated workplace processes at every level. In the past few years especially, due largely in part to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of these businesses were poised correctly to handle these unavoidable workplace changes. But many others fell farther behind. Ready or not, businesses who were not up to speed with technology were forced to embrace new systems that could allow them to continue to run and thrive without the need for much physical presence from employees. One of the biggest reworkings of workplace systems we saw during this time included the integration and normalization of video calls and software that kept employees connected and contributing. Although, the global state of things was largely responsible for this rapid escalation, its impact is enduring. Even as many businesses return to in-office or hybrid work models, these advances are here to stay.

What has the workforce gained from this adjustment? Quite a lot. In a world where many of the more mundane job duties have become streamlined and automated, the need for employees to learn and adjust to new tech-based systems including AI, robotization, internet and cloud-based services, and smart and wearable technology has increased tremendously. Since the pandemic began, employers have needed to work diligently to keep their employees feeling productive, engaged, and in good spirits. In-person conference table meetings and group brainstorms have mostly been replaced by digital workspaces that utilize many collaborative software tools, enabling everyone to stay up to date on business proceedings and remain profitable as a company.

Technology clearly influences the culture of an organization and how its employees interact, communicate, and collaborate. Let us introduce you to Notiphy. Notiphy is an early stage SaaS company that has entered the arena at exactly the right time and is at the intersection of people and operations. Now more than ever, businesses are needing software that can streamline, enhance, and digitize operations without a complete overhaul of manual systems that their employees are already versed in. With a gentle learning curve, companies that previously relied on clipboards, binders, and spreadsheets for record-keeping and walkie talkies and back-and-forth email chains for communication, can automate every aspect of their operations in a single, easy to use application. Notiphy’s software has built-in communication features for messaging coworkers and alerting necessary parties of any matters that may arise as the workday proceeds, regardless of an employee’s department, role, or location. The team using Notiphy will experience greater feelings of connectedness, resulting in higher morale and motivation, increased productivity, and improved overall job satisfaction. Since Notiphy removes much of the tedium and disconnect that employees have so long had to endure due to inefficient and fragmented systems of operation, companies and their people can now get a taste of something fresh and welcome: operational bliss.

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